Updated Information Covid-19

Abide Counseling is a Health Care provider. This means that the office will remain open for your appointments as needed. If you are ill or think that you have been exposed to the corona virus, Telehealth options are available for you. This means that sessions can be done over the phone or face time if needed. As always, please text or email me if you need any urgent matters taken care of or are in need of an appointment.

In this stressful and uncertain time, mental health and well being is of the utmost importance. Things that may help in between sessions:

  • Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. Hope and “a positive attitude” are necessary, but only if all other underlying emotions have had the opportunity to be released.
  • Try not to make things BIG. Manageable, bite sized thoughts and tasks are crucial to keep anxiety at a minimum.
  • Go back through your therapy journal notes. Lots of good work in there!
  • Remind yourself of your self-efficacy. List out your skills both psychologically and practically. You are one, tough lady! Don’t forget this.
  • Remember to take time out (even just a few seconds) to do your self-check-ins. Garner your strength, breathe, pray.

Welcome to Abide Counseling.

The word “abide” means to stay close, to dwell within, to remain faithful to…..

It is definitely one of my favorite words.

Over the past 2o+ years, I have sought to provide a counseling practice for women that seeks to heal, empower and highlight the existing strengths each woman possesses within them.  Using post-modern and solution-focused therapy, the intent of counseling is forward facing—looking always ahead to what life would be like without the painful issues that have initially  brought women to therapy.   At Abide counseling  we seek to promote the identification of health that abides within…the recognition of progress and the increase of self-efficacy.

I have worked in several areas of mental health; from adoption to AIDS, from emergency mental health to trauma therapy.  My research has rooted itself in the arenas of depression and anxiety/trauma particularly in the under served female population.

I am Catholic.  With a big “C”.  Client request to use spirituality and faith based methods in therapy are welcomed and encouraged…not ever imposed.


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